Copper Gutters


Copper Gutters are important for long term durability if you live on or near the ocean, otherwise they are unaffordable for most people. RAINBOW GUTTERS will always be the best price if you absolutely need them. Copper Gutters can be as much as 7 times the price of Aluminum Gutters depending upon the commodity price of copper at any time ( the price of “copper” will always be the determining factor in the cost of Copper Gutters )

Copper gutters are simply gutters made out of “Copper Metal”
Copper is a very distinctive metal with a GOLD appearance when it’s new. Over time, untreated copper gutters will acquire a patina, slowly turning brown to greenish. The use of copper gutters is ancient, with evidence of copper roofing and gutters dating back thousands of years, and copper continues to be a very popular material for gutters. The main disadvantage of copper is the cost compared to other gutter materials, but it also can increase the value of a property.

Gutters are critical to the maintenance of a structure. They trap the rainwater that falls off the roof, and utilizing the downspouts to drain the water down the walls away from the sides of the building. Without gutters, a structure can be prone to water damage, and wet weather can be very unpleasant, as water will spill over the doors and windows. Gutters can be made from plastic, wood, and a variety of metals, not just copper, and they should also be regularly cleared and maintained to confirm that they are working properly.

There are several reasons to use copper gutters on a house, beyond the aesthetic look they add. Copper is very corrosion-resistant, so it will endure even in salty conditions and areas with a great deal of acid rain. It is also sturdy, and it meshes well with a wide variety of roofing materials, including slate, cedar shakes, and composite roofing. Cooper gutters also do not need to be painted, although people who want to reduce the development of a tarnish may need to periodically strip and re-seal their copper with products designed for this purpose.

Installing copper gutters can be tricky, because the lengths of copper require special joining techniques for a sealed and securing the gutter. Rainbows installers are experienced experts so it’s best to leave copper gutter installations to trained professionals. Mistakes with copper can be very costly for the handyman or homeowner without extensive copper experience. Copper gutters must also be paired with copper flashing to reduce chemical problems and a more uniform look. Elaborate ornamental devices can also be added to the copper gutters for some really creative looks.

For any copper gutters to be most effective, they need be regularly cleaned out to remove leaves, twigs, and debris. It’s also important to inspect your gutters to check for loose spikes, leaks, or broken areas from the weight of the water over time with older materials. It good to look at them after a storm, and to replace damaged sections and downspouts to avoid long-term problems.


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