Seamless Aluminum



Seamless Gutters are gutters that the only seams are at the corners.

In the past gutters only came in pre-cut lengths such as 10' and 20' foot lengths. They were transported to each job and then cut again in many sections and joined to fit each house and every configuration. BUT NOW we at Rainbow Gutters have installed the machines that make the gutters from long coils of aluminum right on our trucks to custom fit area of your home. We measure every length exactly, and cut each piece in one length from corner to corner and then seal every corner to ensure that there will never be a leak with our unequalled guarantee.

Gutters are one of the most important aspects, in any construction.

They are critically important because without an effective way to get the water off the building and away from it there can be severe damage. This can create continuous erosion of soil and the landscape around the building but more importantly it can undermine and destroy the foundation of the building. Also the problems of rotting wood and the devastating results that are associated with mold can not to be understated. If the water seeps into the walls of a house the costs can be major. All of this may be avoided with a good properly installed rain gutter system. Therefore, calling a professional to inspect and evaluate your roof, your drainage systems and the sealing of your house is a valuable decision which should never be overlooked.

The biggest problem we have as a Gutter Company is getting you to agree on the placement of "The Downspouts".

The reason it's such a problem is that the perfect location for the downspout is usually where the home owner doesn't want to see them. So, what do we do? We compromise with the owner "of course" but we note on our agreement that we advised a different location for the most effective results. No-one wants to see "The Downspouts" yet they determine the effectiveness of your whole gutter system. We are experts in doing our best to concealing and the placement of "The Downspouts" but sometimes it's a challenge. We are glad to provide you with our free estimate, without obligation and we welcome lots of questions.


Why "ALUMINUM" Gutters and what was done in the past.

The old traditional gutters were usually made of iron, or galvanized steel and they rusted badly and wore out quickly. With the advent of aluminum gutters they were lighter and better able to withstand the weight of the water and aluminum won't rust.

Why "RAINBOW GUTTERS" and what are the cautions about gutter installation companies.

As it is, there are many decisions to be made about installing gutters and it's very important that you are there when we do our estimate so we can alert you to many questions that need to be answered. I'm sure you know many companies have poor reputations and are labeled "Slam and Scram" because they take advantage of the public by changing their name every year to evade Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. We pride ourselves as the leader in the field for 30 years and we have the best reputation for customer satisfaction, pride of workmanship, and very competitive pricing and the best guarantee. So, please call us and let us prove it to you, call Rainbow now or fill in the contact form.